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Now what's this about English?

I learned English like every German student does – in school. But. That's schools English. You get around, but it's not the cake of glory. (And yes, I just made that up.) It didn't matter much, I didn't need more. At least, not at first...

But then there was this story...

Let's head back a bit...

I kinda stumbled upon fanfiction quite by accident – a friend introduced me to CSI FF and the leap to Harry Potter wasn't all that big.
I quickly found some stories I practically inhaled (looking back at them now, they weren't all that good, but I was young and still learning back then ^^) and all was good. Then I crashed into this one story – the one I already mentioned. It had a first part all German and completed (I'm horrible at waiting) and I loved it. I knew (because the writer mentioned it in first chapter, of course) it was a translation. I also knew it had a sequel.
My very much loved-by-then translating writer had the first 3 chapters up in German already and I ate them up in minimal time. Then came the problem... There was no going on, my translator didn't get around to translating.

I really am toast at waiting.

So, being the impatient hardhead I am, I took the leap and got to the English original. It worked. And quite good at that.
So I got risky. I expanded my searching areas into English stories and I found...I found a lot. I was reading like mad and thus, my English skills improved – dramatically.

Still no reason to switch? No, you're right. That came later. Like this: One fine night I was sleeping peacefully, when suddenly I had a new sort of dream. No, not that kind. Pervert.
I had a dream in English. Remember, I'm born in Germany and still living there.

I woke up the next morning, feeling surprised – and a little confused. How is it that a German girl suddenly starts dreaming in English? No, I have no answer to that.
But the unexpected foreign-language-dream started a habit – an unconscious one, I might add.
I had the occassional odd English dream once in a while ever since, but there was more... I started talking to my interior in English as well. (The English part was new, the talking-to-interior part was not – yes, I talk to my furniture – like you're not... See? You just screamed at your screen... ^^)
I started thinking in English at random times through the day as well. And no, I'm not insane... At least not enough to be concerned about...

Ever since then, I kept this habit of sudden switches to English. It shortens certain things, after all. (Some things just undeniably take less time when said – or thought – in English.)

And it improves my skill with the language. That can't be a bad thing, now can it?

And last, it's actually great fun.

So, there you go, now you have all the information you never wanted about this particular quirk of mine. Let's have some fun now!

Bye, till the next time someone forces you to read my journal. ^^