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Quote of the day – what's that?

I decided to post quotes I feel like sharing at random times (when I feel like it, not actually daily) just for the heck of it. They will be both German and English. And from various places. And probably not all with their creator, since some will be from around the internet and I might not remember who made them... Or more like I never even knew, since I'm taking them from storage. Yes, I have them saved.

They probably will follow the order I noted them in, so they might not fit the rest of my possible posts that day, but I want them in order anyway...

I'm not stealing them, I will make it quite clear they're not mine if they aren't.

I just want to share them, since I find them great, or funny, or socially important or something.

If you happen to see one you know the creator of, or are the creator, please tell me and I will add the name at the end.

As you see, first one is in German. And with credits.

So long.