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A new series! And probably all English, woohoo!

In this I'm gonna complain about all those obvious faults, disasters and disappointments in various stories. Official stories. Yes, that means books, movies, tv shows. Not all of them, of course, since I most certainly don't know/remember all. And I don't care so much about some. Just the things I would change if I owned the story.

First, as you can see, is Smallville. Oh dear...

There is actually just one thing I want to change – not mentioning the missing Lex since season 8, because we all know that was a nightmare...seriously, what use is Smallville without Lex? Honestly! – and that's the broken-friendship-thing.

Now before you start screaming it had to happen since they were enemies in the original story of Supe, yes, I do know that! But really, it was all there! They were friends! They would have been great staying friends!

And it would have been so damn easy! Clark just needed to trust his best friend and Lex just had to have a little patience! Martha loved Lex, Lex was not Lionel and Clark and Lex were best fiends!

Yes, it wouldn't have been a prequel story then, since that wouldn't have fit with the original Supe background, but honestly! I cried so hard when the point of friendship-breaking finally came, it wasn't even funny... And I knew it would, of course.

No, doing it this way, it wouldn't have been a show so many people would have wanted to see, but fucking hell, we, the fans wanting to go there and fix it, would have cried with joy, if it was...

And for those of us who want the whole package (yes, that includes me), that awesome other thing was there as well! Or at least, it could have been!

Those of you now sitting there staring at the screen like oO?, I'm talking about our boys becoming the Clex. Yes, that means they would be a couple. As in loving each other. Yes, I know they're both boys. Yes, that's possible. Don't hyperventilate now, you won't catch the plague thinking about two boys doing smut. Yes, I promise.

Oh dear, that would have been a show... And probably with even more people watching, because, you know, we're a massive lot.

We'd loved this... Easy, girls, not hyperventilating now, it wasn't and we still have to do with fanfiction instead. ^^

Still, we have them at least, even if those idiots who own Smallville won't make the plot like we want it to be. Damn.

But if I ever get those copyrights (by gift of god or bad weather or for whatever the hell kind of reason), I promise to redo the show into Clex just for the heck of it. And then all of us are gonna have a big Clex party watching it! It's gonna be great! ^^

Until then, let's hope someone will give me the rights... ^^

In hopes those authors will never run out of Clex plots, have wonderful dreams tonight, your Colours of Rain!