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Finally got my ID!

After loooong bouts of wailing (inside my home, to the gods of fate or someone...) I now have the userpic I wanted. I had it in mind, like, forever, but I never could take it (no time, not the right weather, not in the mood, something else, whatever...) and I had to go without, wimpering silently when looking at my site...

But not anymore!! Yesterday was the day! Weather was perfect (pouring early summer rain...yes, I'm slightly insane, we've been over that already...I think...if not, you know now...*manic grin*), air a little chilly but not to cold (since I was wearing a jacket and walking around and all...) and enough time for the plan. The plan being to circle the lake and find the right spot to take the awesome picture I wanted to be my LJ ID.

Now I have an userpic nicely conveying the meaning of Colours of Rain I always had in mind. *bouncing happily all over the place*

For those interested: Pic was taken at the Johannapark in Leipzig, by the lake with the bridge.

So that's that, and a short post all about a photo, and all's well now. Next time, if I ever have time again, there's gonna be some content as well. The Horror!

With a happy wave, your Colours of Rain.